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Readings and dancing at Saint Germain for an original Valentine's Day

Whoever reserves a lastminute Paris for Valentine's Day can take part in an unforgettable event in the heart of the city of light, an evening for couples who love to read and love to dance.

The event will take place at the MPAA Paris, la Maison des Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs, an organization created by the city of Paris for the development and promotion of arts such as dance, music and theater. The MPAA is located in Saint-Germain, precisely on 4, Rue Félibien in the 6° arrondissement.

The evening is entitled: “The Ball and the Page”. It consists in an evening of dance with intervals of reading. If you love to dance or love to read or better yet if you love both then this is the evening for you.

The reading is dedicated to classics of literature that have made love their central theme: from the Metamorphosis of Ovid to Madame Bovary up to the more recent novels of Houellebecq. The evening will take place in the following way: at 7:30 and after a brief dance lesson will be held which will finish at 8:30 when the first reading will begin followed by a series of alternating dance and reading segments. Besides learning new dance steps and listening to live music which everyone is invited to dance too contemporary French writers will be on hand.

The cost of tickets ranges from €5 for minors to €8 for the unemployed and anyone under 26 years of age to €13 for the full price ticket. We recommend reserving your ticket by writing to the following address:



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