A Trip to Paris for a Special Event: The Autumn Festival!
By Admin (on 29/10/2010 @ 16:46:11, in Accomodation Paris, read 775 times)

With the onset of autumn the season of special events has begun even in Paris. The Autumn Festival is already underway and will end on the 31st of December 2010. It’s an important occasion to reserve one of the many Paris accommodations and to be present at this great gathering of contemporary art of all types.

The city of Paris deserves to be visited not just for its famous monuments and many marvels that have become romantic icons but also and above all for its full calendar of events that characterize the city.

The event of the moment is the “Autumn Festival” which will provide you with many emotions as it’s one of the most anticipated appointments of the year rich with experimental and avant guard works.

If you are searching for events in Paris that leave you speechless don’t waste any time, this is the event for you!